Terms & Conditions

Policy and Procedures: Take advantages of 7-day rental which includes disposal, delivery, pickup and driveway protection. An additional $15 a day charge will apply.
Cancellation and Refund Policy: You may cancel your order free of charge with 24 hours notice. Please note cancellation fees apply for orders cancelled without 24-hour notice.  Live load waiting time: (First 30 minutes free) – $95 Per hour.  *$50 mix fee

What MDS Mini Bins Is Not Responsible For: We are extremely careful when delivering a bin to a customer site. Every precaution is taken to make sure we are aware of any underground features such as utility or sewer lines. We cannot be responsible for UNFORSEEN circumstances under the subgrade. The customer needs to make sure they inform us of any underground assets in the path to the container before it is delivered. We use driveway protection; however, we cannot be responsible for damages to paving surfaces such as asphalt, brick pavers, or concrete.

What the customer is responsible for: The customer is responsible for any damage caused to the bin while it is under a rental agreement with you.

By accepting these terms the customer acknowledges they clearly understand the above stated terms, agrees to hold MDS Mini Bins Inc. harmless for any damages that may arise, to pay for overages on the outlined weights per bin, fuel/environmental and additional rental days, IF applicable to the order, and authorizes MDS Mini Bins Inc. to collect such funds accordingly.